Happy Father’s Day

Three heart touching poems to honour Father’s day and to express gratitude to our father,  grandfather, uncle or a person who is like a father.


Every Child Needs a Gentle Hand 
by Helen Bush

Every child needs a gentle hand
 to guide them as they grow.
 So walk alongside me,
 We have a long way to go.

You let me decide
 by Henry Maxwell

Dad you were
 there at my birth
 you gave advice for
 what it was worth
 you let me decide if
 i took it or not
 you never left me
 in an awkward spot
 you stuck for me
 when i went astray
 so dad,this love is
 for you on fathers day.

by unknown author

 "F" aithful. 
 "A" lways there. 
 "T" rustworthy. 
 "H" onoring. 
 "E" ver-loving. 
 "R" ighteous. 
 "S" upportive. 

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