Mindfulness Taster Sessions in London

Mindfulness Taster Session in London

Introduction to mindfulness for schools, community groups and other organisations in London.

A mindfulness taster session is a great introduction to the theory and practice of mindfulness. It will give you a taste of mindfulness – both experientially and conceptually; a way of dipping the toes into mindfulness training before making any commitment.

The introductory session in mindfulness usually lasts 45-90 minutes and can be delivered to small groups or to several hundred people at a time. Typical questions that are explored:

  • What is secular mindfulness?
  • How does mindfulness help?
  • What is the evidence?
  • How to learn more about mindfulness?
  • What happens in a mindfulness session?
  • Is it the right thing for you?

By the end of the session you will have something to take away and use in your daily life.

To enquire about a session simply fill in the form. Alternatively, call 078 0398 8031 for a FREE initial consultation to discuss the needs of your organisation.

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