Mindfulness Helper


Have you been wondering what the buzz about mindfulness is? Would you like to learn how the ancient wisdom of mindfulness could help you thrive in your life? Would you like to learn how this simple concept can “transform stress into wellbeing”; and benefit you, your work and your life?

Then, I can help you.

I am passionate about meditation and have been teaching it since 2006. It took me many years of practice to understand what meditation is about, learn the difference between the various approaches, and how it can help to grow resilience and wellbeing. It has been really fascinating and challenging at times. So much to discover!

If you would like to commission wellbeing training or services, I often collaborate with organisations funded by the National Health Service or the local authority as well as with corporate organisations and schools.

I have thousands of hours of training and experience in mental health, psychotherapy, yoga therapy, meditation and mindfulness. I am keen to use the insights I have gained to support people – of all ages and from all backgrounds, in their quest to learn and appreciate the power of their mind.

If I cannot meet you in person, please connect with me on Twitter or Facebook.

Marina Caroli

Mindfulness Helper™


“If it’s about supporting people to gain an understanding of mindfulness, then I can help”.

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