What is Mindfulness?

What is mindfulness

Mindfulness is a universal capacity or a potential that we all have for moment-to-moment awareness.
It is like a skill that can be strengthened by applying relatively simple ideas during day-to-day activities and carrying out specific daily exercises.

“Mindfulness is not something that you have to “get” or acquire. It is already within you — a deep internal resource available and patiently waiting to be reawakened and used in the service of learning, growing, and healing.”
University of Mussachusettes Medical School

Jon Kabat-Zinn, one of the key people who helped to popularise secular mindfulness in the West, defines it as:

“The awareness that arises from paying attention, in the present moment, on purpose, with qualities like kindness, curiosity, acceptance and openness”.

Does the statement raise more questions? If you are like the rest of us, you might be puzzled – a thought might pop up: ‘But I am always in the present moment!’.

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Watch a video of Jon Kabat-Zinn talking about mindfulness.


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