Mindfulness in Social Care

mindfulness in social care with marina caroli

People affected by medical conditions can be more susceptible to stress and need strategies to deal with the symptoms of illnesses.
Equally, supporting patients and relatives through challenging circumstances can bring high levels of stress. Regular self-care practices may reduce the impact of stress while also serving as strategies for coping during particularly stressful times.

Mindfulness training can help patients as well as home care-givers and those in the helping professions.
The following courses can be offered:

  • mindfulness for stress – an 8-week course for carers
  • mindfulness for health – 8-week course for people suffering from chronic illness & their carers
  • mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for cancer – an 8-week course for cancer patients & their carers
  • mindfulness foundations for social care



Contact the Mindfulness Helper on 078 0398 8031 for a free initial consultation to discuss the needs of your organisation. Alternatively, book a session by filling the form in.

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