INSET days, CPD, Workshops and Training in Mindfulness

Mindfulness Taster Session in London

Back to school – September is an ideal month to run Mindfulness introductory sessions in schools.

2nd September – Mindfulness Taster session at Unicorn School, an independent prep school in Kew. A unique parent-owned school, which was funded by a group of parents and teachers in 1970.
About sixty parents, governors, teachers and staff keen to learn about the potential of mindfulness attended the session.

21st September – Mindfulness Taster session at West Grove in Southgate, a primary school in the heart of the community. Over twenty teachers and other staff attended this highly engaging session.

During the taster sessions at these schools, we talked about the possibilities of using Mindfulness in education to support staff wellbeing and performance as well as wellbeing and attainment of children.

How can mindfulness support staff wellbeing and performance at your school?

Mindfulness is a secular, well-researched, and effective means of promoting a sense of wellbeing, concentration and efficacy.

Bespoke sessions can be arranged to meet the needs of your school, staff training requirements, or continuing professional development. The school can decide how long they last depending on outcomes. Examples of introductory sessions and training in schools:

– TASTER session
– Twilight INSET
– Half Day INSET
– Extended Afternoon INSET
– Whole Day INSET and School CONFERENCE

Typically, sessions include a brief introduction to what mindfulness is (and isn’t) and discuss research evidence for its benefits. Simple mindfulness practices are introduced to explore key themes in mindfulness e.g. recognizing impulsivity and habitual patterns of reactivity and strategies for dealing with stressful situations and difficult thoughts.

Contact the Mindfulness Helper on 078 0398 8031 for a free initial consultation to discuss the needs of your school.

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