Stress Awareness Day

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The theme for this year is “Employee Wellbeing as a Worthwhile Investment in Your Business”.

The aims of today are to support actions to reduce stress, enhance wellbeing and performance at work.

How can you raise awareness of stress & wellbeing in your workplace?

Ask your organisation to run an employee wellbeing and stress management programme and to sign up to The Workplace Wellbeing Charter .

The Mindfulness Helper is liaising with organisations in its implementation.

The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Health & Wellbeing are evidence-based programmes, which can be run in corporate settings.

Many companies in the private sector have already implemented mindfulness programmes for their employees in the workplace.

What is stress at work? Find out in this Video, and remember to take the Quiz at the end.

Contact the Mindfulness Helper on 078 0398 8031 for a FREE initial consultation to discuss the needs of your organisation. Or request a taster session taster session.

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