Happy New Year

Let’s bring more mindfulness into our lives in the New Year!

Why? We all know that it can be challenging to bring about changes in ourselves and our lives. Our old habitual ways are likely to get in the way soon!

One of the benefits of mindfulness training is that it can help to ‘deeply’ familiarize with ‘deeply’ ingrained habits. Mindfulness training helps us to notice more. In fact, we can get to know ourselves really well! This gives choice!

Can 15 minutes a day change your health?

Research suggests that spending as little as 15 minutes a day outdoors in nature can show dramatic effects on your health and wellbeing.

Start today. Leave your mobile phone behind. Put your comfortable shoes on. Take some bread for the ducks, pigeons or seagulls.

Walk amongst the trees or next to the sea.

Take deep breaths. Stop. Let the wind blow over you.  Then, simply sit in nature and allow you mind to settle down.