3 tips for difficult moments

stress infographic mindfulness

No matter how hard you try to ‘avoid’ difficult experiences, it’s not possible to avoid them.

What are easy and straightforward tips to use in dark moments?

This blog post is inspired by the amazing work of Action for Happiness and Moodscope.

Try the following tips:

1. Acknowledging what is happening and reminding yourself: ‘this too shall pass’. All things even difficult feelings are temporary and situations can improve with appropriate help.

2. Not believing your thoughts. Anything can arise in the mind at any time. It is possible to step back to see thoughts for what they are: just thoughts that come and go.

3. Focusing the attention on things that are likely to make you feel good and give you a sense of why life is worth living. For instance, there are plenty of things around you that you can feel, touch, hear or smell. Stay connected with present moment experiences.

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