Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Let’s bring more mindfulness into our lives in the New Year!

Why? We all know that it can be challenging to bring about changes in ourselves and our lives. Our old habitual ways are likely to get in the way soon!

One of the benefits of mindfulness training is that it can help to ‘deeply’ familiarize with ‘deeply’ ingrained habits. Mindfulness training helps us to notice more. In fact, we can get to know ourselves really well! This gives choice!

The choice to … change, to be more deliberate, to be more considerate,  more creative,  more daring, more open, more curious, more compassionate …

Mindfulness training is not an instant process, though.  It takes years of regular and committed practice.

Is it worthwhile? Definitely, it’s the key to long-lasting change. As it gives the freedom to be what we want to be. It can help to make changes which lead to more contentment, confidence, health, and wellbeing.

So the invitation is to make 2016 the most mindful year ever!

With warm wishes and remember the Mindfulness Helper is here to help!

The Mindfulness Helper


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