Halloween Greeting!

#Halloween #Mindfulness

This Halloween resolve to stay mindful when you encounter something spooky, mysterious, haunted, scary …

As you notice that you are feeling fearful, what do you automatically do? In that moment, is there a particular thought or urge or sensation arising?

Whatever you think and feel, take your attention into your lower extremities i.e. to the part of the body further away from your head. Start to thoroughly explore the connection of your feet with the ground. Sense how your feet are grounding you and slowly explore the shape, the placement and sensations in your feet.

Once you have found that connection of your feet with the ground beneath you, you can develop awareness of your experience and mindfulness skills further by gently investigating ‘what is scary’. Can you become aware of a few specific details of your experience that are uncomfortable and unsettling?

When you find them, immediately take your attention to the breath as you feel it in your body, wherever it is most vivid for you. Perhaps, you can sense the passage of air through the nostrils or the movements around the belly. THIS IS KEY! Stay with the breathing process long enough to notice how it naturally changes.

Finally, open to the entire experience again! Noticing all aspects like the lights and colours surrounding you, etc.

Are the monsters still feeling so scary? Have they lost their power over you!? Have you realised how that monsters, nightmares and worries of all kinds are just ‘imaginary’ ones! Or how even the scariest things in life are just temporary?

Through regular mindfulness practice, practitioners report that their thoughts and situations stop to haunt them. They are no longer hooked by them!

Mindfulness helps to investigate and embrace complex, mysterious, subtle and sometimes unsettling life experiences and learn how to relate to them in a different way. Thus, Holloween can provide the opportunity to find those experiences and take those skeletons out of the closet!

So Happy Holloween! 


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