How to make tomorrow an easier day? A mindfulness reflection practice

Mindfulness reflection practice with Marina Caroli

Is it common to think that things will continue indefinitely in a certain way?

But they don’t. Inevitably, unexpected events happen. Things can get really complicated that one does not even know how to start to unravel them.

The pressure starts to build up. There is so much to do. The deadlines are getting closer. The list of things to do keeps on growing. The mind is spinning fast… The heart is pounding…

Mindful help

In those circumstances, what can you do?

Ask yourself: ‘What can I do now that can make tomorrow a better day for me?’ This is a useful question for a mindfulness reflection practice.

This process of reflection really helps to focus in the here and now. It helps to relate to the situation differently and to channel energy on what is immediately important.

The rest will take care of itself. One just need to be patient, trust and persevere.

How about you? What can you do now to make tomorrow easier for you?

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