Brief Solution-Focused Psychotherapy

brief psychotherapy with Marina Caroli

Brief solution-focused psychotherapy helps a person to view the present from a wider context, to utilize more functional understanding and make required changes.

Brief solution-focused psychotherapy is less concerned with formal analysis of historical causes of distress but with the current factors maintaining it and preventing change.

The focus is on a specific problem and direct intervention to quickly alleviate symptoms and help with:
– depression and mood disorders
– stress and anxiety disorders
– trauma and PTSD
– addiction
– phobia
– eating disorders
– sleeping problems
– emotional issues
– behavioural issues
– relationship problems
– psychological management of pain
– psychological management of cancer or a terminal illness
– psychological management of functional conditions and syndromes e.g. chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, etc.

If you are currently experiencing some difficulties in your life and would like to try an approach that can help within 3-6  sessions, please get in touch.

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