Getting into the process of mindful walking

Spring invites us to open to nature and rediscover it. It invites us to walk and to become mindful.  It is easy to let ourselves to the process of mindful walking when we are surrounded by nature. Nature can become what drives this mindfulness exercise.

Even when there is not much nature around us, there is often a large tree – ready to welcome us. Let’s find that tree during our walk!

It’s just waiting for us… to turn our attention to it. Let the eyes and mind settle on the tree.

As we stand by the tree we can look at its majestic presence and intricate details. Some other remarkable things might catch our attention.

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Moment-by-moment the tree continues to guide our exploration. Let’s get a sense of the tree … Being with it …

Soon we realise that a tree is a place for insightful ideas and emotional wellbeing.

So let’s walk to our tree. Attending to it every day.

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