Written comments provided by participants on the session’s feedback form.

I would just like to say that your session today has really made me feel so much better. I arrived with some tension which soon went away after the first few minutes. Many thanks I love this course.

Staff, Barnet Southgate College

Really enjoyed your session today. Love the pace of the session & loved the body scan. Lovely to feel comfortable explaining thoughts and feelings. Thank you.

Staff, Barnet Southgate College

Very, very helpful course. It is helping me with caring responsibilities.

Carer, Barnet Carers Centre

Thank you Marina for being such a great teacher and for empowering me with tecniques to help develop my wellbeing. I will definitely continue with the meditation practices and would love to do a further course with you.

Staff, Barnet Southgate College

The regular practice has made me calm when I am faced with a stressful situation. Pausing before responding has helped to answer back in a calm and friendly way. The practice is helping me. Today’s mindful walking session was the best of all. It made me aware of many things which I had automatically done without apreciating my surroundings. Thanks

Carer, Barnet Carer Centre

I am much enriched by what I gained – the method used with compassion, serenity. The gratitude for participating. Thank you

Holocaust Survivor, Barnet

This has been a really good way to become more aware of how I think, behave and act. It’s been great. Thank you!

Staff, Barnet Southgate College

Would like to say thank you. My thoughts have been something I have struggled with for years & now I think I am ready to confront them and learn that they are not always real. They come and go.

Staff, Barnet Southgate College

Wonderful course – sad it’s ending. It has helped me so much and has made my life happier and more peaceful. Great tools to use in the future.

Staff, Barnet Southgate College